Document Scanning Services

Document-Scanning-Services-PortlandOutsource Scanning Service Bureau

Scan-It, Inc. provides document scanning services for converting virtually any type of business document to an electronic image file.  We scan large format engineering drawings, letter-legal-ledger sized paper, roll microfilm, microfiche and 35mm aperture cards.  We use high speed, high volume document scanners and can capture images in black & white, color or grey-scale from single or double sided documents.  We can output to any standard image file type such as TIFF, JPEG or PDF.  Converted images can be delivered on a variety of media formats including CD, DVD, Portable HDD or uploaded to an FTP site.

 Wide-Format-Document-Scanning-ServicesPaper Scanning
• High Speed Paper Scanning – up to 11″ X 17″
• Wide Format – Engineering Drawings and Maps


Microfilm-Scanning-ServicesMicrofiche-Scanning-ServicesAperture-Card-Scanning-ServicesMicrofilm Scanning
• 16mm/35mm Roll Microfilm
• 16mm/35mm Microfiche
• 35mm Aperture Cards



Medical Record Scanning Services

Medical-Record-Scanning-Services-Portland-OregonScan-It, Inc. has a long history of providing Medical Record Scanning Services for Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Practices throughout the Pacific NW.  While Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems have proven to be useful tools for managing patient data, they are not capable of accessing information contained in hardcopy patient charts unless the charts have been scanned, indexed and uploaded to the EMR system.  This situation can leave healthcare workers scrambling as they are forced to check multiple locations for a complete accounting of a patient’s medical information.

Scan-It’s Medical Record Scanning Services allow clients to outsource the document conversion process while maintaining focus on the day-to-day operations of their healthcare practice.  Charts are packed and securely transported to our facility where they are prepped, scanned, indexed and the converted image files written to portable media (CD, DVD, HDD).  All that remains is to upload the digitized records to the EMR system – the patient’s information profile is now complete and easily accessible.

Document Scanning Portland Oregon

Our project included Scan-It handling confidential medical records from pick-up through destruction. The volume will end up at approximately 2000 banker’s boxes full of charts. Scan-It has been responsible for picking-up and transporting the records to their on-site storage facility. From there, they have prepped according to our guidelines and instructions, scanned and completed a quality assurance check prior to the delivery of the scanned images. Their final step is to arrange for secure destruction of the records as released.
Scan-It worked closely with us at first to configure their machines to meet our needs. This allowed for an excellent image quality. Once settings were in place and staff training was completed, the quality of the project has been exceptional. There are few errors and those that are made are fixed quickly.
The project is scheduled to complete at the end of this year and the work is on course to meet the timeline projected. Scan-It has also stayed within the budgeted amount based upon the quote and contract.
Overall, I believe that Scan-It is a highly responsible company that is both easy to work with and consistently produces a high quality product.
Michelle Layton
Director of Electronic Health Information
Salem Clinic, P.C.


Our services include:

  • Secure packing and transport to our facility
  • Document Preparation – remove staples, fasteners, mend torn pages, etc.
  • High speed, high quality document scanning
  • Quality check and visual verification of all scanned images
  • File segmenting to match existing EMR index structure or current file system
  • File naming or data entry for proper identification within EMR system
  • Write/record converted image files to media of your choice – CD, DVD, HDD
  • Interim record storage, secure document destruction or return of files
  • 24/7 access to patient information while records are in our facility


Output Formats: TIFF, JPEG, PDF, OCR

Delivery Options: CD, DVD, HDD, FTP, Secure Website

Document Destruction: Secure, confidential shredding and recycling services


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