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DocuWare is a feature-rich, server-based document management system capable of automatically processing any type of document regardless of its file type or source. DocuWare allows users to import documents, identify them with multiple keyword index fields, extract a full-text (OCR) index and incorporate them into an organization’s digital workflow processes. A wide range of optional add-on modules, including Workflow Processing, a browser based Web Client and connectors for Microsoft Outlook, SharePoint and SAP, turn DocuWare into a highly adaptable Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.

Accounts Payable Processing

The time between invoices arriving and finally being paid often takes longer than a supplier allows for your company to benefit from early payment discounts. Invoice copies go through many hands before finally being approved for payment. Verification gets bogged down because of missing information from a purchase order or packing slip. Long lag and processing times are the norm. Often the current approval status is unknown. Questions from suppliers lead to long searches and copying. The criss-crossing of originals and copies help to complicate the situation further.

Intelligent Indexing

Intelligent Indexing automatically transfers content from documents to index fields, doing away with typing errors and transposed numbers. You can either accept the suggested terms or adjust and improve them. Using this feedback, the system learns continuously so that known document types can be automatically stored in a minimum amount of time. Even before you begin storing documents, Intelligent Indexing looks for the correct indexing terms. All you need to do is confirm the entries, click on the Store button and the job’s done.

Smart Connect

Smart Connect reads field values directly from a third-party application user interface and then uses them as search or index terms in DocuWare. Documents relating to a data record opened in the third-party application are easy to call up in DocuWare – using a button displayed in the third-party application. It is just as easy to import words as index terms for documents that you want to archive in DocuWare.


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